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EH Canada is a 100% Canadian owned and operated store. We strive to have the majority of our products made in Canada. As such, we maintain a high standard of quality with anything from our hats and hoodies to our home décor in order to go well beyond the standards of your average tourist shop.

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About The Owner

Vince McLeod | Founder and Owner of Shop EH Canada

Vince McLeod
founder and owner

Originally born in Toronto and raised in Beaconsfield, Québec to a French Canadian mother and a Jamaican father, I was introduced to the diversity of culture that helps makes Canada so special. While learning both French and English, it gave me the tools to engage with Canadians from all walks of life. When my family moved to Winnipeg for my fathers work, I learned just how amazing Canadians are wherever it is that you go. Eventually, my family moved back to the Greater Toronto Area wherein I started my own family, and have now raised three wonderful children. I enjoy exploring the vast beauty of Canada and have travelled further throughout it as time has went on. I hope to continue indulging in, and spreading the joys of what this great land has to offer.